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Welcome to this week in tech! Our weekly summary of our favourite stories from the world of tech. We'll be taking a glimpse into the latest in Virtual and Augmented reality news, updating you on new hardware and software innovations and discussing the upcoming events you shouldn't miss. So, let’s get started with our first of many 'this week's in...'

Vive announce release date and price for their Deluxe Audio Strap

I must admit, in the battle for VR dominance the Vive comes out on top in our office. Since receiving one of the initial dev kits several years ago it's been our go to headset. With the Oculus released with built in headphones however we were slightly won over. The ease of use with its built in headphones a minimal design and comfort swayed us slightly, But finally, HTC has struck back!

With integrated audio, comfort padding and an easy-to-use size adjustment dial, the Deluxe audio strap is a great addition to the headset. With a reported price tag of $100, the new strap isn't the cheapest, but as a replacement for headphones, reducing wire tangles and to have a comfier experience makes it worth the money in our opinion.

Set to be on sale from 6th June, you can register on vive's site to keep up to date on any more announcements.

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Vive's Newest addition to their popular headset.   [image source:]

Vive's Newest addition to their popular headset. [image source:]

Oculus introduce Chromecast streaming for Gear VR

A small but exciting development for mobile VR this week, Oculus announced on Wednesday that Gear VR's will now allow users to stream content from their headsets to their TV, this is a great step forward bridging the gap between VR users and spectators. We've learnt first hand through demoing at public events that allowing passers-by to view the experience first hand on a screen increases engagement, and this has always been available for PC-driven devices.

Having these capabilities on mobile now will allow GearVR experiences to gain the same public exposure as some of the larger headsets. It is also super useful for guiding someone trying on a headset for the first time, seeing the new users point of view allows you to teach, guide and explain the experience and we can really see this working as an educational tool for experiences. 

Microsoft reveal new Mixed Reality headsets from Asus and Dell

Microsoft is adding two new mixed reality HMDs to their arsenal. The grand reveal came this week at Computex 2017, and although no technical specs have been released for either headset, we do get to glimpse at the new designs. Both of which have gone for a similar style of halo strap around the head like that of the of the Hololens. The Asus has gone for a polygonal more jazzy front panel, and Dell sticking with a clean cut white style. We'll keep you up to date when we hear any more, keep an eye on our Twitter for the latest.

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In other VR news...

Live Long and Prosper! StarTrek VR multiplayer game is fast becoming a fan favourite [ Image source:]

Live Long and Prosper! StarTrek VR multiplayer game is fast becoming a fan favourite [Image source:]

  • The extremely popular multiplayer game Star Trek: Bridge Crew will now be coming free when purchasing the new Vive bundle from June []
  • UFC are teaming up with Samsung to bring this weekends clash between José Aldo and Max Holloway streamed live into Gear VR's across the world. Be sure to tune in on 3rd June for a front row seat to the fight!
  • For all you developers out there Unreal Engine has released their 4.16 update. Its chock-a-blocked full of new goodies including new VR mode updates such as physic simulation, cinematic editing and enhanced interaction features. Along with new VR updates, you can also now build for Nintendo switch which we can not wait to try!

Upcoming Events...

  • 31st May - 2nd June:  Augmented World Expo 2017 kicked off this week. If you cant make it to Santa Clara, be sure to check out #AWE2017 on Twitter for all the latest news and announcements. 
  • 13-15 June: VR & AR world returns to London's Excel Centre for lots of talks, networking and Meet ups from the tech community. We'll be hovering around so make sure you come say hello if you go!

We're always looking to spread the news for new and exciting tech events, if you have an event you'd like to us to shout about get in touch and we'll add it to our upcoming VR events calendar!

And now for something, completely different...

Matt Groening's done it again as Futurama predicts the future this time!

Matt Groening's done it again as Futurama predicts the future this time!

Every week we will try our very best to hunt down something that is amusing, fun or exciting in the world tech to end with and this week we want to bless you for reading our first ever blog post!

A Protestant Church in Germany is using a robot to give out blessings. It’s a weird and wonderful way to mark 500 years since the Reformation.  We especially would love to know how this idea even came up in the meeting! Maybe they are just big fans of Futurama? Either way, it’s definitely a piece of tech for good and we love it!

Thats all for this week folks! Well done for hanging in there an reading all the way to the end of our first of many blogs to come! Feel free to comment, share and show us some love if you enjoyed!

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